Manor Farm Livery, Broomfield, Somerset

Livery at Manor Farm

Manor Farm provides DIY livery. We have an on-site all-weather, floodlit manege which is invaluable during the long winter months and when the weather is against us.
A professional team, including a qualified instructor, is on-site to help you with your horse.
The stables are located in the heart of the Quantock Hills, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, giving you access to a beautiful countryside to hack out.

What is included in the livery?

  • All DIY Livery is £260 per calendar month. This includes ad lib haylage and morning bring in. We will put in hard feed but you need to provide the feed.
  • All horses are bedded on shavings which you also need to provide.
  • Manor Farm horses have plenty of space and natural freedom. We try to keep horses on turnout as much as possible, depending on weather conditions and maintenance work.
  • Help is available if you are unable to attend your horse at any time.
  • The prices for extra help/tasks are displayed under Extra help/tasks price list.
    Prices are also displayed at the yard.
  • The livery is paid monthly in advance.
  • Extra tasks will be invoiced separately at the end of each month.

We don't include grooming and exercising in the service, since part of owning a horse is the time you spend riding, grooming and forming a relationship with your horse.

Livery availability

At present we are full.
For more information call 01823 451266

Horse timeshare

Is it difficult for you to maintain and exercise your horse on a daily basis, then Manor Farm could offer you a solution. We have developed an original concept where horses are on a timeshare scheme with the resident riding club.

Providing the horse is suitable (sound and free from vice/health issues, good in traffic, good with other horses and happy to go hacking) horses on timeshare are ridden and cared for by both their owners and members of the Quantock Happy Hackers Riding Club. When your horse is ridden by members of the riding club, they will groom your horse, clean the tack and muck out the stable.

The Manor Farm Livery stables
The Manor Farm Livery tack room
The Manor Farm Livery manege
The Manor Farm Livery all stables

Quantock Happy Hackers Riding Club

Are you a competent rider without your own horse but would you like to go riding regularly in the Quantocks? Then the Quantock Happy Hackers Riding Club may be the answer. It is a unique riding club that doesn't compete but goes out hacking in small groups.

Members of the Quantock Happy Hackers are offered the opportunity to experience horse ownership without owning a horse. They are part of a team of horse riders and horse owners and are responsible for the care of the horse they are riding that day.
The horses in the club are on a horse timeshare or on loan.
Rides go out with a minimum of two people, of whom at least one is an experienced rider who knows the Quantocks.
For more information visit Quantock Happy Hackers Riding Club.

Quantock Happy Hackers Riding Club

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